About Us

Since 2002, we have been providing import and export services to 45 countries in many fields. With a wide product range and service options, we are moving a little further every day on this path that we set out to establish a correct and reliable connection between the manufacturers and the buyers. We meet the most competitive and high quality products such as plastic, household goods, kitchenware items, garden furniture, glass, textile, toys, food… etc. from the most proper manufacturers with our precious clients. We undertake the entire process from purchasing to product delivery in the fastest and most reliable way. Our goal is to expand our customer portfolio consisting of medium and large-sized enterprises such as wholesalers and supermarket chains, and to supply the best quality and affordable products to the countries of the world in the most appropriate way. As the Mapa family, which takes its power from all over the world, we are always with you, our clients and manufacturers, to build the better together with.

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